You can become a Lover Card holder by completing a special form in every Camomilla Italia stores. The owners sign up for the program upon registration. It is mandatory to be 18 years old and resident in Italy..

You can become owner of the online Lover Card by signing up on the website. Only a few data are needed: e-mail, password and date of birth. At the end of the input click Get Love Card. Your Lover Card is valid right away for online shopping. You can also use it offline, print it and take it with you, or show the Lover Card code with a smartphone to a sales representative.

Yes, just log in to the site by entering the code of your Lover Card and the date of birth released when activating the Lover Card. The system will recognize your Lover Card and you will have the chance to just find out about your points balance and get access to any current promotions.

To accumulate points it is sufficient to make purchases in Camomilla Italia stores and online. For every euro spent you are entitled to one point. Only during sales or promotions every 5 euros spent equals one point. Each point grants 0.10 euro discount on subsequent purchases.

The points are valid from the purchase following the charge. The minimum usage threshold is 100 points, equal to € 10.00 discount. It should be noted that the number of usable points may be at most equal to twice the amount spent. (Ex. If you have made a purchase of € 80 and you have 200 bonus points on your Lover Card, you can only use 160 (equal to € 16). Your discounted receipt will be € 64 (€ 80 - € 16).

In case of a minimum purchase of 65.00 euros in stores or online, you are entitled to a Welcome Bonus with a 20% discount. The bonus is valid for 30 days, starting from the date of issue and cannot be used during the sales

Happy Birthday is a promo active all year round. It rewards customers born during the month of birth with a discount and / or a free gift.

The Camo Forever is a promo active all year. It rewards customers during the month of the Lover Card subscription anniversary with a discount and / or a gift to the purchase.

It is a card reserved for customers who reach the threshold of 1500 points. The Lover Vip Card replaces your Lover Card. It allows you to receive previews and surprises reserved for VIPs only.

To receive more information, read the complete regulation (hypertext link to the regulation). To receive information on activation, use, loss, cancellation of your Lover Card, you can also go to one of our stores or call our Customer Care.